Touch and Explore: Pets
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Age Range
4-6 Years

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Touch and Explore: Pets

Get ready to touch and explore! Beginning readers can ruffle a canary's feathers, pet a puppy's soft fur and even feel the smooth shell of a turtle. A wonderful addition to the growing library of Touch and Explore™ books!

About the Author(s)
Geraldine Krasinski and illustrated by Xavier Deneux

Geraldine Krasinski is a children's books editor in Paris. She has written many books for editions Milan, Tourbillonand Larousse, particularly animated and interactive books.

Xavier Deneux's chic, bold style and insightful grasp of what makes younger children think, connect and smile has resulted in over 100 critically lauded books. He is the creator of the My First Slide-&-Play Book and TouchThinkLearn series. He lives in Paris, France.

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