This Sunday 22nd of April is Earth Day 2018 and to raise awareness we wanted to share with you the Author’s Note from Hello Hello by Brendan Wenzel. The campaign for this year’s Earth Day is to #EndPlasticPollution. Find out what you can do to help at earthday.org

Hello Hello is the gorgeous follow-up to the Caldecott Honor–winning They All Saw a Cat and explores another aspect of seeing the world for young children. Beginning with two cats, one black and one white, a chain of animals appears before the reader, linked together by at least one common trait. From simple colours and shapes to more complex and abstract associations, each unexpected encounter celebrates the magnificent diversity of our world—and ultimately paints a story of connection. Brendan Wenzel’s joyous, rhythmic text and exuberant art encourage readers to delight in nature’s infinite differences and to look for—and marvel at—its gorgeous similarities. It all starts with a simple “Hello.”

Brendan Wenzel is an author and illustrator based in upstate New York. His debut picture book, They All Saw a Cat, was a New York Times bestseller and the recipient of a 2017 Caldecott Honor. An ardent conservationist, he is a proud collaborator with many organisations working to ensure the future of wild places and threatened species.


A Note from the Author

You have just said hello to some of my favourite animals. Their colours, shapes, sounds, patterns, habits and strange hairdos make the world a more vibrant and fascinating place. Each one is a vital part of the ecosystem it inhabits.

Sadly, many of these creatures are in trouble—considered to be Near Threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered, or Critically Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. A species can become threatened for many reasons, like habitat loss, poaching or climate change.

Many people don’t know a lot of these animals even exist. You can help change that! Find out more about the. Head to the library, go on the internet, and share your interest and enthusiasm with everyone you know. You could even write a letter to one of the incredible conservationists working to protect them and keep the places they live safe. The more that people know about these creatures, the better the chance they will share this planet with us for many years to come.

 It starts with saying hello.

Hello Hello by Brendan Wenzel is out now
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5 Questions Monday with Brendan Wenzel

5 Questions Monday

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

I like to switch it up every few weeks. I have eggs almost every morning, and it’s good to keep things interesting. If I had to choose -Poached.

What’s your favourite joke?

My cousin told me this when we were five-

Two tomatoes are sitting on a fence. One tomato looks over to the other and says, “Hey. I’m gonna push you off this fence.” The second tomato looks back and says “no, you’re not”.

Then you just start doing something else, and wait until your audience realizes that the jokes over. No one ever thinks it’s funny but me. I think it’s really funny.

What film character are you most like?


(Psssst, if you didn’t know:  is a Kaijū monster that first appeared in Toho’s 1961 film Mothra. Mothra has appeared in several Toho tokusatsu films, most often as a recurring character in the Godzilla franchise. She is typically portrayed as a colossal sentient caterpillar or moth, accompanied by two miniature humanoids speaking on her behalf. Unlike other Toho monsters, Mothra is a largely heroic character, having been variously portrayed as a protector of her own island culture, the earth and Japan.)

What is the first book you ever read?

The first one I remember is Sendak’s In the Night Kitchen. It’s still one of my favourites.

Would you rather be a cat for a day or a dog for a day?

Given the amount if thought I’v devoted to cats over the past two years, it would feel borderline irresponsible to say a dog. Honestly, either would be great, but if I had to choose, a cat.

They All Saw a Cat

Brendan’s new book; They All Saw a Cat, is on sale tomorrow! Pick-up a copy at any good bookstore and discover a world of curiosity and imagination.