Wake Up Your Creativity with Art Before Breakfast.


Do you wish you could carve out a little creativity in your day, but are convinced there are not enough hours in the day?

We know the feeling.

But despair no longer! Artist Danny Gregory, creativity guru to thousands across the globe, is here to help with this unique guide. Serving up a hearty helping of inspiration, Gregory offers 5 to 10 minute exercises for every skill level that fit into any schedule – whether on a plane, in a meeting, or at the breakfast table – along with practical instruction on techniques and materials, plus strategies for making work that’s exciting, unintimidating and fulfilling.

So why should you make art part of your everyday? We will let Danny take the lead here…


But not only that, art can fulfill so much more…

BE-HERE-NOW Art stops time. When you draw or paint what’s around you, you see it for what it is. Instead of living in a virtual world, as we do most of the time these days, you will be present in the real one. Instead of focusing on all the things whirring in your head, you will be able to stop, clear your mind, take a deep breath, and just be. You don’t need a mantra or a guru. Or an app. Just a pen.

TELL-YOUR-STORYLife is just a long succession of small epiphanies. You need to stop and seize them. By making art, you will be recording what you are living through and what you are learning about it. A drawing and a sentence or two in a sketchbook turns those everyday moments into something significant. Your art will set a frame around it and give you perspective on what really matters. Over time you will build up a book of memories—a true record of what’s important in your life.

WELCOME-TO-THE-WORLD It’s not perfect, but it’s beautiful. And the most beautiful things have character and walnutsexperience built into them. There’s a lot to learn and appreciate in a chipped mug, a half-eaten apple, the tiny lines in the leather of your dashboard. Making art will show you how much you already have. Your real treasures. A brand-new Maserati is a lot less beautiful to draw than a rusty old pickup.

SUDOKU You will never be bored or waste time again. Every day is full of those moments between activities. Waiting in the doctor’s office, watching mindless TV. Instead of reading tweets on your phone, you’ll make a piece of art. Every minute of your day counts. Make it worthwhile.


We all live in chaos. It’s the natural state of things. Physicists call it entropy—everything is always changing and unraveling and ultimately turning into cosmic mush. That’s why your desk gets cluttered and your calendar gets filled. It’s physics.

Creativity is the act of shaping the mush of the world around us into something—of creating your own order. I’m not talking about going crazy and compulsive with a label maker and color-coded files. I’m talking about having a vision of what you want things to be like and moving toward it.

I assume that, deep down, you want to have more creativity in your life—that’s why you have this book in your hands. But you just don’t know how to fit it into the chaos of your day. There are always too many things to do, too many obligations and chores that take precedence over you. Maybe you think to yourself, “Sure, I’d love to make art, but I don’t have the time to indulge myself right now. Maybe on the weekend, on vacation, when I retire, etc.”

But creativity isn’t a luxury. It’s the essence of life. It’s what distinguishes us from the mush. And it’s why our ancestors survived while other less adaptive critters perished. They responded to change by being creative in some way, by inventing a new answer to the chaos.

And that’s what you need to do to make the most of your life, every day of it. To be inventive, open, flexible, in touch. To have perspective on what matters to you. To deal with change without being overwhelmed. And that’s what creativity offers you.

Creativity can become a habit that fits into your life, like Pilates or flossing, only a lot more fulfilling. You just need to shift your perspective on what it is to be creative. It doesn’t mean you have to be a full-time artist. It doesn’t mean you need lots of training or supplies. Or time. It doesn’t mean you need to be a so-called expert.

You just have to be you—and express what that means.


Art Before Breakfast is out now,find out more about here.

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Art Before Breakfast; the key to unlocking a more creative life.

Last week I was challenged to create Art Before BreakfastEveryday.

Let's Get Started















Yup, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I sat down with my coffee and toast and, with artist Danny Gregory’s guidance, completed a selection of drawing lessons. With the ultimate aim of ending the week able to incorporate new skills into making art part of my daily life. That is what Danny Gregory is trying to help you achieve with his new book. He want’s us to…

Wake up our creativity!

So there I was Monday morning, poised and ready for my first lesson with one of Louise Fili‘s Perfetto Pencils in hand.

Art before breakfast (2)Art before breakfast (3)








The lesson of the day was Contour Drawing. 

Contour Drawing is all about what you see. What you REALLY see before your brain tricks you into thinking something else. Where does the handle of the mug meet the body? How far was the pot of honey from the plate? Isn’t the plate more of an oval than a circle from where I am sitting? What other shapes are there?

It was a daunting task; everything started out looking, well, a bit of a mess! I looked down in despair at the odd shapes littering the page. But once I start filling out the drawing it was like magic! Suddenly the weird shapes took on form, a CUP! a Plate! a POT OF HONEY!  Day one compete, breakfast eaten, time to start my work day.

Day Two, another day, another lesson. Tuesday’s task was Negative Space. 

Art Before Breakfast: Negative SpaceArt Before Breakfast: Negative Space







I will admit up-front this was the task I found the most difficult. Negative Space is again about training yourself to draw what you see, not what you think you see. The instructions were to draw the shapes between the objects. But, I found myself drawing the objects not the space. I got there in the end, sort of…

Have a go yourself. Draw the shapes around the objects on your table and remember to trust your eyes your brain is telling you lies!

Wednesday’s lesson brought joy to my logically inclined brain. Day three of my project was all about perspective. I learned more about contour drawing, this time using measurements for depth and distance! It’s all about the attention to detail here.

At Before Breakfast Day Three


I think there was a marked improvement, what do you think?

For Thursday and Friday’s lessons we moved away from actually sketching breakfast – phew…there are only so many times you can draw a honey pot!

Artb4 Thursday (2)Art Before Breakfast - Friday









On Thursday I was instructed to draw my bathroom cabinet, but as I was taking on this task at work I opted for our microwave. Continuing the lesson on outline drawing, I sketched the shapes I SAW. My level of confidence by this fourth day was much improved and it showed in the sketch I was able to produce in a quick 10 minutes (before I even finished my cup of coffee!). My hand felt more dexterous curving the edge of the toaster and I even managed some semi-convincing negative space! On Friday I was instructed to added depth to the outline I had drawn. Giving my microwave sketch life. It might not be the Sistine Chapel, but I finished my week of Art Before Breakfast with real pride.

Art before Breakfast Day five


My week of Art Before Breakfast proved two things to me. 

1. Even just a few lessons can make a real difference to your skill level.

2. There is always time for art.

So give it ago! Pick-up a copy of Danny’s Book and carve out some creativity in your life.