The New Old House

The New Old House – projects that prove adaption and restoration is worthwhile.

The New Old House

This beautiful book presents 18 private historic homes, from North America to Europe, and traces the ingenious ways architects have revitalised and refreshed them for a new generation.

Each project address such timely factors as sustainability, multiculturalism, preservation and style, and demonstrate the unique beauty and elegance that comes from the interweaving of modernity and history. This bright and bold look at combining historic and modern architecture is sure to inspire architects and dreamers alike.

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Peek behind the curtain of Mr. Ken Fulk’s Magical World.

Mr. Ken Fulk's Magical World

Take a peek behind the curtain of Mr. Ken Fulk’s Magical world.

Working out of The Magic Factory, a 15,000-square-foot think tank in San Francisco, Ken Fulk specialises in interior design, special events and architecture. Whether he is creating fantastic homes, throwing the opening party of a museum show, or planning large-scale events (like the famous wedding of Facebook’s Sean Parker in a redwood forest), Fulk’s work is always remarkable and stylish and sometimes over the top.

Featuring more than 200 colour photos along with short essays by the designer, Mr. Ken Fulk’s Magical World will showcase the best of his luxurious environments over the past decade: gorgeous dwellings he has designed for notable clientele; his own three homes; stunning examples of his party and event designs; and even a private jet.

Mr. Ken Fulk's Magical World Mr. Ken Fulk's Magical World Mr. Ken Fulk's Magical World Mr. Ken Fulk's Magical World Mr. Ken Fulk's Magical World Mr. Ken Fulk's Magical World


Mr. Ken Fulk’s Magical World is out 18/10/2016. Order yours now.


Abrams Books

Bookstore Of The Week | Koenig Books Ltd

For our Bookstore of the Week are are taking you on a tour of Koenig Books Ltd, this is THE place for art, architecture and photography books and thoroughly deserving of the accolade Bookstore Of The Week.

Koenig Books Ltd Charing Cross Road

An inspiring, German-owned independent bookshop specialising in art, architecture and photography books Koenig Books is a European institution. In London they have three branches; the original London branch is based in the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park, a small branch in the Whitechapel Gallery and, our favourite, the newest store on Charing Cross Road. The latter is done out stylishly in black and every book is given space to show off its beautiful facade; books are displayed with their covers rather than spines facing out.

Koenig Books Ltd Inside

Koenig are known for their huge selection of interesting coffee table books, on topics like art, fashion and design. But they also stock a great collection of non-fiction titles on art theory and a good selection of rare magazines. It’s also a good place to find independent books by small publishers, handmade titles and zines.

It’s luxurious displays and wonderful selection of books cater to all price ranges and they always have a good selection of books at reduced prices in the basement. Plus, all of the London branches of Koenig have full access to the stock of mammoth arts bookshop Buchhandlung Walther Koenig in Cologne, so if you can’t find what you want they can order it in for you!

If you are interested in the arts this is a bookshop not to be missed, we always find ourselves delighted and mesmerised by their selection of books. Have you visited? Let us know what you thought!

Find them at:

80 Charing Cross Road

11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

#FiveYearsOfBooks | Top Five Architecture & Interiors


To celebrate our 5th Birthday we are taking a look at our Top Fives from across our list.

Take a peek at a few of our creative, unique and inspiring books from the past five years from all of our publishers.

Here are some highlights from our Architecture & Interior list:

The Architect Says
Architect Says, The Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom edited by Laura Dushkes Princeton Architectural Press

Alternately wise and amusing, this elegant gem of a book makes the perfect gift for architects, students, and anyone curious about the ideas and personalities that have helped shape our built world. We love The Architect Says and it is clear you guys do too!

If there’s anything architects like doing more than designing buildings, it’s talking about architecture.

‘The Architect Says’ is a colourful compendium of quotations from more than one hundred of history’s most opinionated design minds. Paired on page spreads like guests at a dinner party-an architect of today might sit next to a contemporary or someone from the eighteenth century-these sets of quotes convey a remarkable depth and diversity of thinking.

New Treehouses of the World
New Treehouses Of The World
Pete Nelson
Abrams Books

Inspirational, aspirational and fascinating. It is no wonder New Treehouses of the World is one of our Top Architecture and Interiors titles.

In New Treehouses of the World, world-renowned treehouse designer and builder Pete Nelson takes readers on an exciting, international tour of more than 35 new treehouses that reveal how treehouses are designed, constructed and appreciated in a wide array of cultures and settings. Both beautifully photographed and thoughtfully written by Pete Nelson, New Treehouses of the World documents Nelson’s travels, discoveries and epiphanies, and explores the ever-growing new frontier of arboreal architecture.

Design Like You Give a Damn [2]
Design Like You Give A Damn (2)
Building Change from the Ground Up
Architecture for Humanity
Abrams Books
Packed with practical and ingenious design solutions that address the need for basic shelter, housing, education, health care, clean water and renewable energy Design Like You Give a Damn [2] is a clear favourite in our office and beyond and clearly deserves it’s place in our Top 5 Architecture & Interiors Books.

Design Like you Give A Damn [2] is the indispensable handbook for anyone committed to building a better a more sustainable future. With the rise in social demand for recycling programs and sustainable living this second title in the Design Like you Give A Damn repertoire, documenting more than 100 new projects from around the world tunes into this fever pitch of change.

American Modern
American Modern
Thomas O’Brien and Lisa Light, photographs by Laura Resen
Abrams Books

American Modern is an inspiring design volume that has redefined the way readers think about modern interiors. This book has brought design inspiration to thousands of interior designers, both professional and weekend dabblers.

In American Modern Thomas O’Brien explains not only what was at work to create a given style, but how readers can import those practices to their own homes and personal design sensibilities.

He introduces readers to a range of styles—from casual to formal, vintage to urban—alongside stunning photography and charming design stories. O’Brien carefully describes the design process of his chosen projects, including a downtown New York City loft, a traditional Connecticut estate and a converted schoolhouse in eastern Long Island. Each home explores a view on the modern design spectrum he has created, as well as the individual choices that make the design unique.

New Eighteenth-Century Home
New Eighteenth-Century Home
MichEle Lalamde, photographs by Gilles Trillard
Abrams Books

The popularity of The New Eighteenth-Century Home proves that the old has been made new once more–and it’s here to stay.

In 29 homes, decorated in the modernised, eclectic version of Pompadour décor that has become so popular in this young century. The resulting blend of ostentatious luxury and repurposed treasures, the natural and the manufactured, is a warm, lived-in style that perfectly embodies the comforts of home.

Gilles Trillard’s delightful photographs reveal interiors of breezy elegance, where Pop Art and industrial design mingle with highboys and carved candelabra; texts by Michèle Lalande highlight the playful, surprising details that personalise these spaces.

Ken Druse – My Favourite Garden

My Favourite Garden

Ken Druse author of The New Shade Garden: Creating a Lush Oasis in the Age of Climate Change

I suppose the first thing that might come to mind when asked about one’s favorite garden would be “my garden.” It might be hubris to say that, but in my case, it would also be untrue. These days, I’m more concerned on helping the plants that live there thrive rather than making a ten best list. When I go to a garden, I want to learn, and mostly learn about plants and their settings. I want to meet plants I have never met before. As for my real favorite garden? It’s a Sophie’s choice. Somehow, I have to narrow down the options. Should the place be in North America? Should it be private, or public?

As for a private garden, well, I might site Les Quatre Vents in Quebec, the creation of the late Frank Cabot. I think it might be more helpful, however, to think about public gardens in the US. Those that come to mind include: Bellevue Botanical Garden outside of Seattle, WA; Chanticleer in Wayne, PA; the New York Botanical Garden. But which public garden had the most impact on me, that inspired and stimulated the thing I love – designing with fantastic plants?

Wave Hill, the public garden in the Bronx, NY, never feels like an institution to me. It feels like the ultimate manifestation of my ideal. Wave Hill incorporates great borrowed views across the Hudson River, grows plants to perfection from alpines to stunning tropicals, an aquatic garden, ancient trees, mixed borders, wild-like plantings, herb and drought-tolerant specimens, an abundance of beautifully designed and displayed containers and as visitors can attest, it is a peaceful retreat to leisurely explore or sit and enjoy nature just north of Manhattan and the George Washington Bridge – another feature of the view. It isn’t a park, but many people treat it as if it were, as a place to just go and sit in the chairs designed by director of horticulture emeritus Marco Polo Stufano. The garden’s stated mission is “…to celebrate the artistry and legacy of its gardens and landscapes, to preserve its magnificent views, and to explore human connections to the natural world through programs in horticulture, education and the arts.”

Wave Hill, West 249th Street and Independence Avenue, was originally an estate with houses, gardens and spectacular views of the Palisades in New Jersey. Theodore Roosevelt’s family rented Wave Hill during the summers of 1870 and ‘71. Mark Twain leased the estate from 1901-1903, setting up a tree house parlor in the branches of a chestnut tree on the lawn. Other famous residents of Wave Hill House have included the conductor Arturo Toscanini and chief members of the British Delegation to the United Nations.

The great thing for me, again, is that every show-ready plant is perfectly cultivated, trimmed and preened and contributes to the whole experience. We Americans look to The UK for inspiration, but many years ago, after Christopher Lloyd of Great Dixter visited and saw Stufano’s riotous color of the seasonal plantings, he ripped up his mother’s rose garden and went tropical. A coincidence? Perhaps.

Mr. Stufano’s example of originality and quality is being carried on, now, by the current director of horticulture, Louis Bauer, and with the support of a great staff, the President, friends of horticulture and the board of directors.


The New Shade Garden: Creating a Lush Oasis in the Age of Climate Change by Ken Druse is published by ABRAMS Stewart, Tabori and Chang and is available now.

London Calling

© Ida Magntorn

© Ida Magntorn

Redecoration inspiration!

Let Ida Magntorn‘s Home Style By City inspire, whether she is simply inspiring interior dreams for that flat you WILL one day own, or helping you make something of the little space you do have.

Home Style By City captures the essence of five design-forward cities and showcases beautiful homes from each that reflect the local style. Part tour and part design resource Home Style By City is an electric collection that offers a refreshing perspective on five must visit cities and innovative design.

So how about injecting a little bit of classic London attitude to your life?

“The soul of London is eccentric, full of exaggeration and humor…A bit dreamlike, with mismatched proportions and clashes of style…The secret: there are no boundaries.”

(Pssst…If you can’t afford to redecorate, find the London buzz with Ida’s London Playlist!)

What’s your style? Mad-cap Alice In Wonderland London or maybe a New York City unfailing sense of simple style?

Images © Ida Magntorn 

© Ida Magntorn © Ida Magntorn © Ida Magntorn